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  • Pantaloncino “Bikingman OMAN 2019”

    Bikingman ( Designing epic ultra cycling races with a mix of long-distance challenge and adventure. Bikepacking is a cycling practice where you have to carry, with the lightest possible equipment (bike, bags), enough to be able to ride self-supported, without external assistance (ex: car follower, volunteers). Each BikingMan race respects a self-supported ultra cycling format. Beyond pure cycling skills, orienteering and an ability to adapt to an unknown environment are essential to become a finisher.

    In contrast to ultra-cycling racing formats where assistance is allowed and where the pure performance of the athlete is crucial, the BikingMan races are precisely designed to bring together athletes in unfamiliar and uncommon environments. A BikingMan race is a total challenge, where every rider, even experienced, will have to go beyond her/his limits and manage her/his effort to reach the finish line.

  • Pantaloncino “Italy-Divide” SUMMER


    Italy Divide: THE ADVENTURE

    It’s an unbelievable opportunity to challenge with yourself, a real Adventure that will change your bikepacking and trail running approach.

    Are you ready to beat yourself ?

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